Starcrest E & P gives top priority to Health, Safety, Security and the Environment when making business decisions. A major contributing factor to our long-term business success is the commitment of all our personnel to a strong HSE culture.

We are committed to the prevention of accidents, incidents and liquid spills through the provision of healthy, safe and stable working conditions for our personnel on and at all our premises. We focus on sustained and stable operations within our operating areas through shared interests and relationships with both local and national communities.

At Starcrest, It is essential that we all take full responsibility for our actions and contribute to meeting our HSE objectives by working safely and in a way that avoids harm to people and damage to the environment.

 All personnel involved in starcrest operations are

  1. Encouraged to apply personal and professional pro-activity to support and enhance our HSE strategies.
  2. Empowered and encouraged to stop and report any work related activity that does not comply with these HSE goals or procedures
  • Trained to perform their tasks and duties competently, safely and with due regard the working environment. All in line with these HSE goals.

No business objective is so important that it will be pursued at the sacrifice of people's Health, Safety or Security.

We strive to continuously improve our Health and Safety by doing our best to identify and eliminate potential Health and Safety hazards in all aspects of our business. This includes transparent reporting and analysis of leading and lagging performance indicators.

Everyone at Starcrest is committed to conducting their daily business in a regulated manner that protects the Health and Safety of themselves, their fellow-employees, their business partners and the general public.

We endeavor to comply with all Health and Safety regulations in force in all regions of our operations and choose to apply more severe rules if we consider it necessary.

We apply sound and non-confrontational security strategies in strict compliance with national and international law and human rights. This includes transparent reporting and analysis of leading and lagging performance indicators in regard to security.

We aim to prevent or minimize discharges, emissions and wastes capable of adversely affecting our living and working environment.

We conduct Environmental Impact Assessments and audits (including risk assessment, risk mitigation. and contingency planning) on a routine basis in our operations to ensure compliance with regulations in force and HSE principles.

We promote an open culture of reporting and constructively investigating accidents, incidents, near misses and liquid spills. This includes the proactive and honest sharing of lessons learned across the organization.

Our HSE policy is reviewed periodically to ensure relevance and effectiveness. We set annual targets with the aim of measuring our HSE performance and strive for improvement.

 Our actual performance against annual targets is reported separately and is widely distributed for everyone's awareness.

All policies will be displayed in print at all Starcrest work sites.

At Starcrest we are all accountable for compliance with this HSE policy be it individually or collectively.